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VJA's deep domain experience includes:

      • Television Licensing and Distribution
      • Theatrical Distribution
      • Digital Content Distribution
      • Digital and Media Asset Management
      • Production/Post-production/Technical Operations
      • International Localization


VJA's areas of expertise include:

  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Technology Strategy and Planning
  • Rights Management
  • Project Management
  • Systems Implementation, Integration and Custom Development
  • Content Risk Assessment, Analysis and Programming


VJA maintains a pulse on the evolution of Hollywood's business model, focusing on trends and solutions contemplated by  professionals and academia alike. Copies of our reports are available for download below.

Television Production, Postproduction, Distribution and Consumption in 2013 

This 2013 paper discusses how technology disruptions have impacted television content creation, postproduction, distribution, consumption and labor over the past several years. The paper reveals trends in transmedia, social media, financing, and cord-cutting; and examines what jobs are being replaced or created in this dynamic environment.  

This report is available for download in PDF format:

Hollywood production, post production and distribution in 3-5 years: updated observations from the front lines 

This 2009 study is an updated snapshot of the thinking of industry leaders regarding the shape of production, post production, and distribution in three to five years.  

This report is available for download in PDF format:

The Technology Disruption Conundrum

This 2004 paper presents an argument that evolving consumption habits are fueling technologies and innovations that threaten the traditional Hollywood business model by disrupting the studio’s control and empowering consumers.  

This report is available for download in PDF format:


MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT IN 2010 - Industry Policy and Practice - Storage, Preservation, Restoration and Disaster Preparedness

This report presents a snapshot of policies and practices currently in place for filmed entertainment media asset storage, preservation, restoration and disaster preparedness. The report focuses on the major Hollywood distribution companies with large media asset collections.